The Institute of Law houses the 'Montesquieu Law Library'. It is already the largest specialized and modern law library in the Palestinian Territories. Its goal is to meet the information requirements of law makers, legal practitioners, teachers, researchers and students in the West Bank and Gaza, and any others interested elsewhere. The Library was established through a generous donation by the French government and currently contaisn around 16,000 references.

The Library contains a large percentage of primary legal sources, that were collected by the Institute of Law from 1994-2004 and thanks to generous donations from private collections of retired Arab and European lawyers, the library owns a large percentage of important legal sources that deal with the Palestinain-Israeli conflict from the viewpoint of internationa law. The library now provides users from all over Palestine with access to its collection including international encyclopedias and bibliographies, collections of statutes from Arab countries (Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Morocco), the United States, France and the United Kingdom and law reports from various countries.