Supporting a Specialised Criminal Justice System for Children in Conflict with the Law in Palestine Project

Legislation relating to children in general, and children in conflict with the law in particular, has undoubtedly seen major developments both in Palestine and internationally. However, a regulatory deficiency impairs Palestinian legislation. Working mechanisms of juvenile justice actors are also defective in terms of applicable approaches, strategic planning, as well as institutional and legislative practice, necessitating that relevant bodies provide immediate interventions.

Overall objective:
This research project primarily aims to upgrade and enhance performance of official Palestinian juvenile justice institutions, safeguarding all rights enshrined in the Palestinian Basic Law and regulations as well as in relevant international human rights conventions. To this avail, research papers will be compiled with a view to revisit applicable juvenile laws and justify formation of juvenile courts. The research will also propose necessary juvenile justice policies in tandem with the Palestinian legal system.
In general, the research activity is designed to remove all kinds of legislative ambiguity, which affect regulation and rights of children in conflict with the law. The research will promote  juvenile access to justice and application of a philosophy that envisages the correction, rehabilitation and protection, rather than punishment, of juvenile delinquents.

Specific objectives:
In particular, the research endeavour seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the Draft Law on Children in Conflict with the Law in conformity with the Palestinian legal system and international standards. The research team will also help draft and amend provisions of this Draft Law.
  • Provide a legal review of the establishment of juvenile courts, develop relevant policy papers, and propose necessary amendments to relevant laws. In addition, the research team will assist in drafting laws needed to form specialised juvenile courts.

1/1/2014- 31/1/2014

Status of the project:

European Commission


  • Mahmoud Alawneh – Director
  • Razan Barghouti- Researcher
  • Ala Hamad- Researcher

Activities and outputs:

  • Review the Draft Juvenile Law in light of Palestinian and international legal frameworks
  • Review the legal context of establishing specialised courts